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Keep Your Home and Kids Secure with Remote Video Monitoring

remote video monitoring

While your kids head back to school, make sure your home is secure for them to come back to and have a peace of mind knowing they are safe inside when they return. We provide various at-home security options that are all accessible from your smartphone, tablet or any web device. With live HD video, monitor the inside or outside of your home and turn your home’s security system off and on as needed. Here are some advantages of remote video monitoring:

  1. Keep the bad guys away: Outdoor security cameras help detect burglars as most thieves scope out the home before they rob it. If they spot your security camera, they will probably think twice about breaking in. This keeps your family and pets inside safe, as well as your belongings and prevents you from being a victim of crime.
  2. Assist police: If a break-in does occur, your security camera will be able to show police what happened, including a description of the intruder. This can help them gather the information needed to locate the thief and maybe even retrieve your stolen items.
  3. Monitor your kids: When your kids return home from school, you will be able to see when they have made it back safely. You can also have a second set of eyes on them if your younger kids are being watched by a teenage babysitter. Being able to check in will ease your sense of worry and allow you to get your work done so you can return home yourself.
  4. Check in on your pets: Now that your kids are off to school for the day and will not be able to tend to your family pets, you can keep an eye on them to make sure they are not getting themselves into any trouble. If something does happen to your belongings, you will be able to see the cause of it and implement preventable actions when you get home, ensuring your animals (and your furniture) are safe. Also, older pets that may need that extra attention during the day can be watched over as well.

Ensure your loved ones are protected with our home video camera systems. Contact us today for more information!

top-ratedI’m often leery when I see lists and reviews of top rated companies. After managing security companies for over twenty years, I know how easy it is to have these lists manipulated.

During the time that I ran a security company in the mid-west, a local newspaper offered our company a top ten position on their review list if we were willing to pay. The more advertising we bought, the higher on the list we would appear.

Then the Internet came along and things got even worse.

Soon after the Internet became popular a fancy pants marketing agency proposed an idea to us. They said “why don’t you create your own online review site? That way you can control the reviews”. The sad truth is that just about anyone can come up with a legitimate sounding name for an organization, put a quick website online, and with a little SEO magic quickly start raking high in the search engines for review searches. Someone could easily put together a review site for top-rated home security alarm companies in Atlanta and appear at the top of that list month after month.

I am rarely shocked to see what lengths salespeople will go to seal the deal. There’s an old saying about “buyer beware.” That saying sure applies to reading lists of top rated security companies.

Thankfully there is a much better way to find a quality home alarm security company in Atlanta. Here are some tips that I suggest you consider.

  • Refer to your friends and family that already have home alarm systems. They should be more than willing to tell you about their experiences.

  • For companies you are considering, be sure to scrutinize their website. Be sure you can find an address and a telephone number. Offline locations are an indicator of a legitimate company. Domain names are super cheap and easy to obtain. If a company doesn’t supply any offline information, I would consider that suspicious and untrustworthy.

  • Look for the registration data of the company website. You can find out when the website was first built. If a website was built ten years ago, that is a good sign. If on the other hand the website was recently built, then that could signal a scam.

  • Use Google to search the name of the company you are considering. Don’t trust the opinion of any one single website or review. Try to build a general consensus using multiple sites. Looking at well-known sites like Yelp or Kudzu can also help reassure the reviews are official.

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau. There you can review the records of the company you are interested in to see if they have any complaints or sanctions.

  • I would only consider companies that use Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approved equipment and monitor home alarm systems at a UL approved alarm monitoring center. UL ensures that a monitoring center achieves a certain level of performance. UL certification is an indicator of a company committed to doing things right.

School Bus Safety TipsSchool Bus Safety Tips… Soon your children will be going back to school. As parents you will have survived another summer with them at home! In the next several posts on my blog, I will address various aspects of school safety and security. I hope you find these tips useful to your children’s school safety for the coming year.

School Bus Safety

In a few weeks the yellow school buses will start rolling again. Nationally, 23.5 million children are transported by bus on a daily basis. It is one of the safest forms of transportation. On average there are only seven passenger fatalities each year. Most of these occur during the boarding and leaving the bus.

What about the lack of Seat belts?

People believe that children are not protected in a bus because they have no seat belts. School buses have been designed with a protection system that fits kindergarten students all the way through high school without the use of seat belts. The protection system is call compartmentalization because the seats are strong, closely spaced, high backed and well padded to absorb energy during a crash.

Here is a short video on school bus safety tips. I invite you to watch with your children these bus safety tips. Talk with them about them so that your child has a safe and good experience with their bus trips.

What do you think you could learn from a home burglar that could help protect you and your families’ belonging?

That’s the subject Debra Roberts and ABC TV set out to explore in a recent 20/20 newscast. They worked with a reformed home burglar to learn his secrets on how burglars identify, target and rob a home. He also identified those items that deterred him from robbing a home.

In this informational video, you will learn that a home burglary occurs every 15 second. It took this burglar less than 15 minutes to rob a home of its valuables. No matter what the race, nationality income or type of neighborhood, he will always find the jewelry in the master bedroom. That is the first place the thief starts. Drugs in the bathroom are valuable to sell on the open market. Burglars use social media sites to identify when families are gone on vacation. Video devises with the charger cords still attached are more valuable than video devises without the cord. Most home robberies occur during the daytime hours.

Take eight minutes to review this wonderful video. Then apply the tips identified in the video to make your home and belongings safer from potential house thieves.

Give us a call so we can help you with implementing these home security tips.

What a Burglar Can Teach You about Home Security

Overlooked Home Security Tips For Spring Break VacationsSpring break is here! Its a time when many families take a vacation with their children. While the focus is on family fun, you don’t want to come back home to find you are a victim of a house burglary.

I am sure you have a routine to make your home secure while you are away on spring break. Below are some overlooked suggestions from the police department on ways to make your home more during a spring break vacation.

Use a trusted neighbor for more home security. Let the trusted neighbor know your plans. Have them pick up any packages or stuff left at your front door. Have them stop by periodically to check on your home and open the drapes. They can shovel your snow or cut the grass to be make your home look like people are home.

There is a tendency to leave an outside light on while you are gone. Having an outside lights on 24 hours is a good sign that no one is home. Install motion detector lights or dusk till dawn lights on the outside of your home.

Secure your garage doors by padlocking your door. Automatic garage doors can be made inoperable by unplugging it from the electric outlet or by using a vacation switch on the control box.

Do not leave valuables where they can be easily seen from the windows. Certain valuables can be put in a safety deposit box or taken to a relative or friend’s house for safekeeping.

Set your telephone ringer on low volume. A loudly ringing, unanswered phone is a sure sign no one is home.

Have a neighbor park in your driveway.

Do not let your travel plans be widely known on social media. Thieves use social media sites to target potential homes.

Cover your garage windows to prevent anyone from seeing the contents of your garage or looking to see if your vehicle is gone.

Have a neighbor or relative put your garbage out on pick up days.


Follow the above overlooked tips to make your home more secure during a spring break vacation. If you use a neighbor to help with your home security, pick them up a special treat from your spring break or return the favor when they go on vacation.



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